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Product Image - Black Loom

Black Loom

GVI's black loom is constructed of a non-metallic, closely woven, asphalt coated seamless conduit that is designed to protect automotive wiring, battery cables and hydraulic lines. This flame-retardant, flexible loom meets SAE specification J562, Ford specification ESBM3L38A, Chrysler specification MS542 and GM specification 676M.
Product Image - Convoluted Zip Loom

Convoluted Zip Loom

GVI's convoluted zip loom is available in two materials. Our "ALZ" is manufactured from polyethylene which is rated at 200°F. Our "HTZL" is manufactured from heat stabilized Nylon type 6 which is rated at 300°F. Our convoluted looms meet the following specifications: ALZ: Ford ESB-M4D152-A, Packard M2092 and Federal Motor Vehicle Standard FMVSS-302; HTZL: Chrysler MSDB48 and Ford ESF-M4D-101-A. Both "ALZ" and "HTZL" come in black. The HTZL has a narrow gray stripe for visual identification.
Product Image - Cable Wrap

Cable Wrap

Cable wrap is a spirally cut expandable plastic cable harness which is used to bundle wires, cables, hoses and tubing. It wraps on like a tape, holds firmly but is easy to remove and use again. Cable wrap permits wire and hose breakouts in any direction and allows easy routing or rerouting of existing or new wires. It is a UL recognized component under category ZODZ2.
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