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Crimp Type
GVI's crimp type battery terminals feature markings for cable size and polarity plus die codes for T&B and AMP tooling. These terminals are manufactured from pure copper and are cast as one piece to provide greater conductivity and less voltage drop. These terminals are tin plated for corrosion resistance. If lead plating is preferred, please request our T&B crimpable battery terminals and lugs.

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Item #

Die Markings - Amp

Die Markings - T & B



GVBT6U-5 N/A N/A 6 ga. Universal 5/PKG
GVBT6U-B N/A N/A 6 ga. Universal Bulk
GVBT4U JH Green 4 ga. Universal 5/PKG
GVBT2N EA Black 1 & 2 ga. Negative N/A
GVBT2P EA Black 1 & 2 ga. Positive N/A
GVBT1/0N EA Black 1/0 Negative 5/PKG
GVBT1/0P EA Black 1/0 Positive 5/PKG
GVBT2/0N AC Orange 2/0 Negative N/A
GVBT2/0P AC Orange 2/0 Positive N/A
GVBT3/0N AB Purple 3/0 Negative 5/PKG
GVBT3/0P AB Purple 3/0 Positive Bulk
GVBT4/0N AA N/A 4/0 Negative 5/PKG
GVBT4/0P AA N/A 4/0 Positive 5/PKG
  Results 1 - 13 of 13 1 
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