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Ball Valves

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GVI has a large variety of ball valves available to meet almost any conceivable application.

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7010501 Brass Ball Valve, 1", 600WOG, Full Port Brass 1 in
7010701 1 1/2" Brass Ball Valve, 600WOG Brass 1 1/2 in
7010801 2" Brass Ball Valve, 600WOG, Full Port Brass 2 in
ML40240H-1 Valve Handle For 1/4 & 3/8 Ball Valve N/A N/A
ML40241H-1 Valve Handle For 1/2-3/4 Ball Valve N/A N/A
ML40243H-1 Valve Handle For 1 & 1 1/4 Ball Valve N/A N/A
ML40245H-1 Valve Handle For 1 1/2 & 2 Ball Valve N/A N/A
ML46903I 1/4male-1/4female Pipe, Miniture, 235psi Max N/A N/A
ML46905I 1/2" Ball Valve Brass, Male > Female Pipe Brass N/A
ML46922I-1 Brass Ball Valve, 1/4x1/4 Female Pipe Brass N/A
ML46923I-1 Brass Ball Valve, 3/8x3/8 Female Pipe Brass N/A
ML46924I-1 Brass Ball Valve, 1/2x1/2 Female Pipe Brass N/A
ML940174-1 Ball Valve Brass, Light Pattern Brass N/A
ML940175-1 Ball Valve Brass, Light Pattern Brass N/A
ML940207-1 2"fpt Brass Ball Valve, Full Port Brass 2 in
ML940211-1 Ball Valve 3/8"swt, Brass, Full Port Brass 3/8 in
ML940212-1 Ball Valve 1/2" Swt, Brass, Full Port Brass 1/2 in
ML940213-1 Ball Valve 3/4" Swt, Brass, Full Port Brass 3/4 in
ML940241 Brass Ballvalve 400wog, 1/2fpt, UL, Csa Brass 1/2 in
ML940242 Brass Ball Valve 3/4", 400psi WOG, 150 Steam Brass 3/4 in
ML940243 Brass Ball Valve 1", 400psi WOG, 150 Steam Brass 1 in
ML940244 Brass Ball Valve 1 1/4", 400psi WOG, UL, CSA Brass 1 1/4 in
ML940245 Brass Ball Valve 1 1/2 fpt, 400WOG, UL, CSA Brass 1 1/2 in
ML940246-1 Ball Valve Brass, Std Port, 400 Psi Brass N/A
ML940247-1 Ball Valve 2 1/2" Ips, Brass Brass 2 1/2 in
  Results 1 - 25 of 56 1 2 3 
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